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Spring River Mental Health & Wellness, Inc.

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If you are experiencing a mental health emergency please contact our crisis number at #1-866-634-2301 or call, text, or chat 988. 


Spring River Mental Health & Wellness, Inc. (SRMHW) is a nonprofit community mental health center located in Cherokee County, Kansas. We provide services to all ages, from birth to the aging population. We have a long and successful history of mental health and substance use service delivery to the residents of Cherokee County.

Our Mission Statement

To enhance, promote and provide quality, professional behavioral health care services to individuals and families of Cherokee County.

Our Vision Statement

As a provider of behavioral health care services, Spring River Mental Health & Wellness, Inc. strives to be a valued partner in alliances that will inspire confidence, respect, and growth for individuals and families that reside within Cherokee County.

2024 Green Zone Training Flyer 5-20.png

 Spring River Mental Health and Wellness will be hosting a Community Green Zone Training on Friday, May 31st. Scan the QR code or follow the link to to register!

This is a keynote program that addresses the strengths and challenges of the Veteran population reintegrating into the community and how a community can take part in improvement and growth through the utilization of Veteran-centric skills. It is beneficial for everyone who can casually encounter a Veteran, Dependent, or Family Member in any number of circumstances, and the model is purpose-built to surround Veterans with community and saturate communities with invested Veterans. Presenters include the South-Central and Southeast Kansas American Red Cross Service to Military and Veterans Program Representative, local VA Medical Center Public Affairs officials, Loran Osborne from the Four County Mental Health Center, Inc. (CCBHC) Service Members and Veteran Families Navigator Office, a Kansas Veteran versed in Veteran-specific insurance, Team Rubicon, the 1011th Quartermaster Co. US Army Reserve, and Southeast KansasWorks. Opportunities to partner with this endeavor still exist, and we welcome a period of time wherein Veteran visitors can share their experiences about employment, housing, and community in their region of Kansas. Sponsors are invited to spend a brief time sharing about what investment or action they engage in to benefit their community and its Veterans at the outset of the event. Some of the terminal learning topics covered will be basic communication & interaction, questions not to ask, military culture familiarization & public-friendly terminology, best practices for forming community partnerships, Veterans returning to school, volunteering with Vets, how an employer can best utilize Veteran-prevalent skill sets, Veteran healthcare & insurance types, getting a Veteran to seek help & where to send them, and a few others.


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